How do I use Home?

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There’s no page like Home.

Signing in lands you on the Home page where all your current courses are listed. From here you can:

  1. Access the Main Menu and the Teacher Dashboard.
  2. Open the Order courses to choose your own order (courses are listed alphabetically by default), Create a new course, view or delete existing courses, and View past courses with Manage Courses. The create and delete options only appear if you have the correct permissions.
  3. Use the App chooser to switch between Buzz apps or open Resource libraries.
  4. Open the User Menu to customize your settings and themes, change your password, manage your information and notifications, enroll in a course, learn more, or logout of Buzz.
  1. Open the Needs Grading screen.
  2. Review the collapsable domain-wide message if your system administrator has created one (learn how system admins can do this).
  3. Toggle between the course Grid view and List view.
  4. Select a course using its Course Card and access its Course Home (Activities tool).

From the Main Menu, teachers have access to:

  1. The people and data from all of your courses, including:
    • Needs grading: By default, this screen lists activities from all of your courses that need grading, or you can filter by course. Simply select the activity and grade it right there.
    • Communication: Easily communicate with your entire class, groups, and individual students.
    • Calendar: Review due dates, activities, and agendas.
    • People: The People tool gives you at-a-glance access to tons of student data points in one simple table.
    • Clipboard: Use the Clipboard to quickly provide personalized attention to students.
  2. Your individual courses (more detail below).
  3. Help suggestions tailored to the screen you're currently on.

When a course is selected from the menu, the top section compresses, and a course-specific menu expands allowing teachers to:

  1. Still access global content from the compressed menu.
  2. Navigate back to the original Main Menu.
  3. Open the Activities, Gradebook, Reports, People, or Editor tools for the selected course.

Home gives you immediate access to the tools you need and task reminders to help you stay on top of everything.

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  • Open the Clipboard by clicking the button in the navigation bar. This makes it easy to create personalized activities for individuals and groups from anywhere.
  • The Course Chooser remains in the navigation bar so you can jump between courses at any time. Selecting a course from the Course Chooser on the Home page will filter all information to just that course.

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