TutorKit: Tutor overview

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TutorKit brings together students, tutors, and learning tools/resources to coordinate high-impact tutoring sessions and track success. You can easily schedule one-off sessions or sessions that repeat Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

Sign into TutorKit

In order to be added to a TutorKit community as a Tutor, an Administrator must create an account for you, including your email. The Administrator then sends you a link to the site and you sign in with the provided email.

When you sign in, you are brought to your Tutor dashboard.

Tutor dashboard

TutorKit's Tutor dashboard is easy to use:

  1. Quickly Add sessions and Edit settings, including Availability and adding your video Meeting URL.
  2. In Active sessions, you can join and run the session.
  3. In Upcoming sessions, you can:
    • Review and edit Upcoming sessions.  
    • Rsvp to Upcoming sessions.
    • Select Email or text when a student is waiting on the day of the session.
  4. From the toolbar or the side menu you can:

Administrator, Tutor Role

You can be added as an Administrator, Tutor to TutorKit, meaning you have most Administrator permissions in addition to your Tutor permissions.

If you are an Administrator, Tutor, review the Administrator overview and other documents to learn how to perform admin tasks.

Session history

On the Session history screen:

  1. Review each tutoring session from most recent to oldest.
  2. Filter results by date ranges and Communities (if you're a Tutor in multiple Communities).
  3. Download session details in a spreadsheet.


On your Settings screen, you can set up:

  1. Your Profile, including:
    • Profile Photo.
    • Name.
    • Meeting URL (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc) that you use for tutoring sessions.
  2. Your Preferences, including light or dark color scheme or High contrast theme for accessibility.
  3. The email and/or phone number you want Notifications delivered to.
  4. Your Availability.
  5. The Tags that fit you as a Tutor (Topics, Grade levels, etc).

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