How do I set up my availability in TutorKit as a tutor?

  • Updated:

To help make sure that you aren't scheduled for tutoring sessions that you can't attend, TutorKit let's you set up Availability dates and times.

To do so:

  1. Click Edit settings on the tutoring Dashboard, or open your user menu and click Settings.
  1. Select Availability.
  2. Click Add recurring hours to set your normal tutoring availability times. You and Administrators are able to schedule sessions during the days and times that you set as Available; all other days and times are marked as unavailable in the schedule.
  3. In the Specific hours section, you can:
    • Allow hours outside of your regular Recurring hours.
    • Block hours within your regular Recurring hours.

When you have set up your Availability, you and others will be notified if you try to schedule a session during times that you're unavailable.

In the Scheduling assistant, the times you're unavailable or have blocked are clearly marked.


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