How do I add and manage Resources in TutorKit?

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TutorKit allows you to add Resources to your website that students can access before their sessions or can access on exiting a session.

To add and manage Resources, click Library in the toolbar.

Resources added to your TutorKit site can be attached to tutoring sessions as:

  • Resources for students to review in preparation for a session.
  • Exit resources for students to review after a session.

Add resources

These resources can be added as Links, Files, or LTI links and can be created when scheduling a Session, or you can:

  1. Click Manage resource library in the side menu or Library from the toolbar.
  1. Click Add resources.
  1. Give the Resource a Name.
  2. Choose the Resource Type:
  3. Add any Topic and Grade level Tags that are relevant to the resource. Tags are important because they make it easy to find Resources by Topic and Grade level and attach them to tutor sessions.
  4. When you add Sessions, you make the Resource available to students at the beginning of those tutoring session.
  5. When you add Exit resource sessions, you make the Resource available to students as they're leaving those tutoring sessions.
  6. Click Add resource.

TutorKit Community users

If you're using Communities, you can assign Resources to a Community on this screen. Resources assigned to a Parent Community can be leased to other Communities. Resources assigned to a non-parent Community are available only to that Community.

Learn more: How do I build and manage TutorKit Communities?


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