How do I create a tutoring session in TutorKit?

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Once your TutorKit website has Tags, Tutors and Students added, you can start creating sessions. TutorKit allows you to schedule one-off sessions or sessions that repeat Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

To create a tutoring session:

  1. Click Manage tutor sessions in the side menu or Sessions in the toolbar.
  1. Click Add session.

To set up a session, provide:

  1. Session name
  2. Session Description
  3. Relevant Tags from the three categories (Program, Topic, Grade level).
  4. Resources and Exit resources.
    • Resources are made available to students before a session starts.
      • Check the Automatically show resources that match topic and grade level to make available all resources that are tagged with the same tags you added above.
    • Exit resources are made available to students when they leave a session.
  5. The session's Schedule, including:
    • Start date and time.
    • Session length (in hours or minutes)
  6. Recurring session times in the Repeat section for sessions that you want to occur Weekly, Daily, or Monthly.
  7. Which Tutors and Students you want in Attendance.
    • When assigning tutors, click Find by tags to see which tutor tags match the session tags you added above.
    • Check the Only invited students can attend box to limit the session to only invited students, otherwise any student in the site can join.
  8. Save.

TutorKit Community users

If you're using Communities, you can specify a Community on this screen. This limits the tutors, students, Tags, and Resources that can be connected to this session.

Learn more: How do I build and manage TutorKit Communities?

All invited Tutors and Students are sent an email invitation with a link to view the session.

The newly created Session is added to your Sessions calendar and the calendars of the Tutors and Students you added. They can click it to see the session.

The Session is also added to everyone's Dashboard where they can join the session as well.


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