How do I use TutorKit Reports?

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TutorKit tracks tutoring sessions, so administrators can easily monitor frequency, attendance, and quality.  

  1. Sessions charts Scheduled sessions and how many of them are attended by students (Meetings with students).
  2. Attendance charts how many Students attended sessions, how many Tutors attended meetings, and how many tutors failed to show (Tutors absent).
  3. Meeting and wait times charts Average meeting time and Average wait time.
  4. Long wait times charts wait times over five minutes.

TutorKit Community users

If you're using Communities, review what permissions administrators have.

Learn more: Add administrators, tutors, and students to Communities

On the side menu, you can:

  1. Click Session history to get a more detailed summary of tutoring sessions.
  2. Click Tutors to review and download session details organized by tutor.
  3. Click Students to review and download session details organized by student.

Session history

On the Session history screen:

  1. Review each tutoring session from most recent to oldest.
  2. Filter results by date ranges.
  3. Filter results by Tags (Program, Topic, and Grade level).
  4. Download session details in a spreadsheet.

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