TutorKit: Administrator overview

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As a tutoring program administrator, you can use TutorKit to can bring together students, tutors, and learning tools/resources to coordinate high-impact tutoring sessions and track success. Think of this as a thriving TutorKit community.

Check out TutorKit Communities

TutorKit also allows you to create and manage additional Communities within a single TutorKit site.

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Create your TutorKit site

Launching your TutorKit website is simple:

  1. Visit our launch site.
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Click Create your TutorKit website.

Note: You can change all of this information any time after creating your website except for the Initial website URL. You can change the URL later only by submitting a change request and showing that you own the domain and DNS routing for the newly requested hostname.

Quickly set up TutorKit

To get started with TutorKit, follow the Set up TutorKit steps:

  1. Set up tags
  2. Import tutors
  3. Import students
  4. Create your first session

Admin dashboard

TutorKit's admin dashboard is easy to use:

  1. Quickly Add sessions and Edit settings.
  2. Review and edit Active sessions and Upcoming sessions.
  3. From the toolbar or the side menu you can:

Edit your profile

To manage your profile, click Edit settings.

Profile screen

On the Profile screen, you can:

  1. Add, change, and remove your Photo.
  2. Edit your name.
  3. Assign yourself a Role.
    • Note: If you created your TutorKit website, you are automatically assigned the role of Administrator, so you can manage the site. If you want to act as a Tutor as well, select Administrator, Tutor, so you don't lose admin permissions.
  4. Anyone with a tutor Role can be assigned a Meeting URL that is automatically provided as part of any tutor Sessions created in your site.

TutorKit Community users

If you're using Communities, you can also assign yourself to a Community.

Learn more: Add administrators, tutors, and students to Communities


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