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How do I create Multiple response questions in Dawn?

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Multiple response questions are multiple choice questions that can be set up with custom Response Feedback, and custom Mastery award amounts for each possible answer.

  1. A learner reads the question, selects their response(s), and clicks Submit.
  2. Feedback is immediately returned.
  3. In the menu, the learner can see how many Mastery award points they earned.  
  4. The learner can Reset the question to try again or click Continue.

Create a Multiple response question

To create a Multiple response question:

  1. Open the desired Catalog entry and Section from Administration > Catalog.
  2. Click Add instruction and choose Multiple response.
  1. Give the question a Title.
  2. Provide the Expected duration for the Interaction to inform Effort data.
  3. In the Question field, enter the question text as you want learners to see it.
  1. In the Choices section, provide each answer option (both correct and incorrect).
  2. Check the Shuffle choices box to shuffle the choices when displaying to the learner. Each time the learner clicks Reset the choices reshuffle.
  3. Click Add choice if you want more.
  1. In the Response section, select the answer(s) you want to provide feedback for in the If answer is dropdown box(es).
  2. Assign a Mastery award value for each selected answer.
  3. Provide the Feedback you want given to the learner for the selected answer(s).
  4. If desired, enter a Mastery award if omitted for any of the possible answers. This would likely be 0 or a negative value.
  5. If desired, add Feedback if omitted for learners to see if they do not select the specified answer.
  6. Click Add response if you want more and repeat Steps 8-10 for each.
    • Note: Each answer option can only be associated with one set of custom feedback. In this example, if we clicked Add response, only answer 2-4 would be available in the If answer is dropdown because 1 is defined above.
  7. A final response field remains with a disabled Else dropdown where the If answer is dropdown appeared before. In this Mastery award points (including negative points) and Feedback field provide what you want returned to the learner for any answer other than the ones you defined above.
    • Note: This feedback appears along with the feedback defined above if answers from both sets are selected. In the example below, this would occur if the learner were to choose answers 1 and 2. Keep this in mind when creating feedback; in this example, the feedback corrects the information provided in answer 2.
  8. Save.

Review Multiple response question

Once you've saved your Multiple response question, you can click the View as learner button to preview it.

Try out all the answer combinations, hitting Reset between attempts, to make sure the feedback is working as expected.

Assign negative Master award points to answers

Multiple response interactions allow authors to assign a negative Mastery award value to an answer Response to penalize wrong answers and discourage learners from selecting all answers just to get the points all of them.

Negative points are subtracted from the interaction's overall score up to 0 (learners don't receive a negative point total for any interaction).


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