How do I map existing Grading Periods to new domain Grading Periods?

  • Updated:

While courses that are created after your admins have defined domain-level Grading Periods will automatically default to use those Grading Periods, courses that were created before that (including copies made from those courses) must be manually mapped to the domain Grading Periods. By doing this, you transfer all of the activities and data associated with the existing Grading Periods to the new domain-level Grading Periods.

To manually update Grading Periods:

  1. Open the Editor tool.
  2. Select Course settings from Tools in the toolbar.
  1. Make sure to the correct School year is selected on the course details card (this should be selected by default).
  1. Make sure the Use grading periods box on the Grading periods card is checked.
  2. Select the Grading Period you want to map to the new domain-level Grading Period.
  3. Open the Grading period dropdown and choose the domain-level Grading Period you want to map to.
  4. Click Done.
  5. After you update all of your Grading Periods so they are aligned one-to-one with the domain-level Grading Periods, click Save.

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