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Webinar #8 Mastery in Buzz

Niki Walker
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During the summer of 2017, we released a new Buzz UI, giving you the same features and functionality with a cleaner, simpler user experience! 

We all know how important it is to master content. Buzz offers several options to get students where they need. Learn options Buzz offers so you can begin or hone your mastery journey. 

See you soon!

Niki Walker


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Audience: Buzz Domain Admin

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Erik Hanson

Thanks for posting this.  

I am wondering how to change what the students see in their gradebook view.  It appears that they can only see the percentage score from their gradebook view?  Maybe I am missing something, but not able to figure that out.  We will want students to be able to see the emojis or letter grades (M) for example on their grades view.  

Also, very excited about the progress being made in this area.

Thanks for your help.

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