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Webinar #1 Admins can enable/disable feature sets to accommodate users

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During the summer of 2017, we released a new Buzz UI, giving you the same features and functionality with a cleaner, simpler user experience!

*The release notes in this section pertain only to those using the new Buzz UI.

Admins can enable/disable feature sets to accommodate users

Education is increasingly moving to blended and virtual learning environments and will only continue to do so. Teachers, content authors, students, parents, and anyone else involved in education are required toengage these new models, but not everyone comes to it with the same level of experience with this technology.

Rather than watering down our features to accommodate users with beginner-level experience, Buzz now allows admins to disable features that their users don't need or aren't ready to implement. As users receive PD, gain experience with the tool, and develop new teaching practices, admins can enable features for individuals, groups, and/or domain-wide. This provides a consistent experience with a tool that grows and develops with you!


Who is the Audience?

Audience: Buzz Admin


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