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All BrainHoney users to move to Buzz by August 2018

Ryan Richins
  • Agilix team member
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After more than 10 years of use in the online education space, we will be retiring our award-winning LMS, BrainHoney, in August 2018.

We will no longer support BrainHoney after August 30, 2018. The majority of BrainHoney customers have already transitioned to Buzz (launched in July of 2015), and we will provide support to those who still need to make the transition.

Buzz is a powerful learning platform that expands BrainHoney’s functionality, provides a simple and intuitive user experience, runs faster, and is continuously updated to meet the ever-changing needs and opportunities of education in online and blended spaces. Learn more about migrating to Buzz.

If you are currently using BrainHoney, you can try Buzz today by using your domain name in the following URL: https://[INSERT YOUR DOMAIN NAME].agilixbuzz.com.

Please contact you Agilix account manager or your system administrator with any questions.

Thank you for using BrainHoney; we can't wait for you to try Buzz!


As part of this transition, Agilix is working to bring importing/exporting functionality, Admin dashboards, and expanded reports over to Buzz. We will update you here as those changes are made.

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Gideon Seaman

What plans are there to bring over some of BrainHoney's functionality to Buzz (i.e. copying more than 100 items at a time)? Thanks!

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Gideon:

We do not have a comprehensive public list of what features will be brought over, but we do have plans to bring over several more features. Such as: importing courses, admin dashboards, teacher dashboards. We have not specifically identified any "copy" feature that Buzz does not already have. 

Could you expound on how and why you would be copying so many items at a time instead of creating a derivative course?

Gideon Seaman

Hi Brad,

One example would be that a teacher has a course and they don't want all the material. For example, they just want the assessment QTI resources and not the other material. These could be in the hundreds with some of our content. 

Thanks for the consideration!

Gideon Seaman

Will there be an option by that time to import QTI into Buzz from the UI?

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Yes, importing QTI is on the roadmap along with importing Common Cartridge packages.

Gideon Seaman

Thanks Brad!

Matt Harr

Will there be access to the advanced test editor to upload test questions?

Scott Taylor

Hello Matt,

Uploading test questions in Buzz is done via the IMS Package import which will create an assessment with the question from the package. Information on how to import the package is found in the article: How do I import Common Cartridge (IMS and SCORM) content?

Brooke Carner

Will the BrainHoney functionality of listing all of a domain's courses on a single page be available in the new UI? This is helpful when copying and pasting the listing of courses into a spreadsheet for data analysis.

Scott Taylor

Hello Brooke,

Buzz breaks the return into a few pages to optimize performance, so all the domain courses will not be displayed on a single page unless there are less than 100 courses returned. We'll pass along a request for a report to be able to return all the courses in a domain via the UI.

Currently the suggested method to generate a spreadsheet with all the domain courses would be using the API command ListCourses and using an XML to CSV converter with the returned XML data to create the spreadsheet.

Brooke Carner

Thank you for your response and suggestion, Scott!

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