How do I make an activity's visibility dependent on competency mastery?

Ryan Richins
  • Agilix team member

To help learners focus on competency mastery, learners should show mastery before being asked to complete activities that require competency. Buzz supports this idea of building competency mastery by allowing content authors to limit access to activities using the students' completion of and performance on competency mastery.  

To set up this dependency:

  1. Create an activity or edit an existing activity.
  2. In the Navigation tab of the activity editor, check the Restrict visibility by mastery box in the Visibility section.
  3. Click Add restrictions.
  1. Choose to add visibility restrictions based on:
    • A student's successfully completing one or more Activities. If applicable, check the Require passing score if gradable for mastery box.
    • A student's mastering one or more of the course-relevant Objectives.
  2. Click OK.

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Jeffrey Kissinger

Hi Ryan,

Very useful article.  Say I want to give learners the ability to skip the end of unit quizzes if they complete smaller formative quizzes within the unit at 60% mastery.  What approach would be best to accomplish this in Buzz?



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