How do I set up "course ends soon" alerts for students?

Ryan Richins
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You can easily configure Buzz courses to automatically alert students when a course is getting close to ending. Students see these alerts in the Activities (Course Home) and Grades tools.

  1. Open the vertical menu in the toolbar of Domain Details.  
  2. Select Domain Settings.
  1. On Student Options card, enter (in days) how long you want the alert to appear for students before the course ends in the Course-ending countdown field.
  1. Save.

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Hieu Cooney

We are using the old UI and do not see that in the User Options. How can we add that?

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Hieu, it should be their by default. I just verified it in a couple of domains. Could you refresh you page and check again in the Domain Settings > User Options > Student Options? 

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Hieu Cooney

Yes, I see it now. Thanks, Brad!

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