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Introducing the new Buzz UI!

Ryan Richins
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We are excited to introduce the new Buzz UI!

User feedback, cutting-edge UX/UI design, and the ever-evolving opportunities to leverage new technologies in blended and virtual learning experiences have all impacted this overhaul.

The new Buzz UI provides:

  • A more intuitive user experience built with Google's Material Design.
  • Even more opportunities to customize the tool based on your users' needs and tech literacy.
  • Opportunities to introduce new powerful features as your users' skills and interests develop--perfect for PD!

Try it now!

To try out the new Buzz UI, simply update your domain URL by replacing agilixbuzz.com with next.agilixbuzz.com, like this:

Old Buzz UI: https://[your_domain].agilixbuzz.com

New Buzz UI: https://[your_domain].next.agilixbuzz.com

If you have any problems, contact your Agilix account manager and/or system admin.

We will support your transition

To ensure an easy transition for you and your users, we will:

  • Introduce the new Buzz UI incrementally to select organizations as they become ready.
  • Provide support and documentation for both UIs.
  • Prepare your account managers to answer questions and concerns about the new Buzz UI.

Help Center articles will accommodate both UIs

As step one of this transition, our Help Center articles will start to provide information for both the Old and New UIs. In these articles, you are able to click the header that aligns with the Buzz UI version you are using (Old UI or New UI).

You can see the differences between the UIs in the screenshots below.

Screenshots: Old UI vs. New UI
Old Toolbar New Toolbar
Old Main Menu New Main Menu

Watch for updates!

We will keep you updated as we make this exciting transition. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your Agilix account manager.


IE11 will not be a supported browser for the new Buzz UI. We recommend using one of the supported browsers: Buzz System Requirements.

New Buzz UI Features and Highlights

Here's an introduction to everything you get with the new Buzz UI!

Better user experience

Increased customization opportunities

New features!

Better user experience

The new Student navigation

From the Main Menu, you have access to:

  1. The course information from all of your courses, including:
    • Home, where you can review course status, your To-do List, recent activity, etc.
    • Grades, where you can review your progress in all courses.
    • Communication, where you can access messages from teachers.
    • Calendar, where you can review due dates.
  2. Your individual courses (more detail below).
  3. Help suggestions tailored to the screen you're currently on.

When a course is selected from the menu, the top section compresses, and a course-specific menu expands allowing teachers to:

  1. Still access global content from the compressed menu.
  2. Navigate back to the original Main Menu.
  3. Open the Activities and Grades information for the selected course.
The new Teacher navigation

Teachers have to manage a lot: students, activities, content, courses, sections, semesters, etc. Our new navigation will help.

Teacher Master/Derivative Course Cards

Buzz allows users to copy an existing course, and configure that new course to inherit changes made to course it was copied from. This allows teachers and content authors to create a content course without enrollments (known as a Master course in Buzz) and make copies (known as Derivative courses) to use when teaching. The Master is used to keep the content updated and the Derivatives are used for teaching, grading, tracking student progress, etc.

To learn more: How do Master and Derivative Courses work?

The new Buzz UI displays the relationship between Master and Derivative courses using the Course Cards by nesting Derivatives below the Master:

  1. Master course
  2. Derivative courses

You can also see this relationship clearly when using Manage courses > View/Delete in the Home toolbar.

Derivative courses are indented below their Master course.

Teacher Main Menu

From the Home screen, teachers can:

  1. Manage people, activities, content, etc., from all of their courses using the menu items in the top section.
  2. Open any of their courses to manage them.
  3. Access Help suggestions tailored to the screen their currently on.

When a course is selected from the menu, the top section compresses, and a course-specific menu expands allowing teachers to:

  1. Still access global content from the compressed menu.
  2. Navigate back to the original Main Menu.
  3. Open the Activities, Gradebook, Reports, People, or Editor tools for the selected course.
Teacher Home

Buzz's new Home screen and Course Cards offer a cleaner design and more powerful navigation options:

  1. Needs Grading: Click to get a list of activities all current courses that need grading and grade them right there using the Activity Grader.
  2. Announcements: Click for current announcements from all courses and create announcements right there.
  3. Activities: Click to quickly jump to the Activities tool for any course right from the Course Card.
  4. Gradebook: Click to quickly jump to the Gradebook tool for any course right from the Course Card.
  5. Reports: Click to quickly jump to the Reports tool for any course right from the Course Card.
  6. People: Click to quickly jump to the People tool for any course right from the Course Card.
  7. Editor: Click to quickly jump to the Editor tool for any course right from the Course Card.

Increased customization opportunities

Admins can enable/disable feature sets to accommodate users

Educational tools must deliver powerful features that accommodate differing skill levels while facilitating development and growth.

Education is increasingly moving to blended and virtual learning environments and will only continue to do so. Teachers, content authors, students, parents, and anyone else involved in education are required to engage these new models, but not everyone comes to it with the same level of experience with this technology.

Rather than watering down our features to accommodate users with beginner-level experience, Buzz now allows admins to disable features that their users don't need or aren't ready to implement. As users receive PD, gain experience with the tool, and develop new teaching practices, admins can enable features for individuals, groups, and/or domain-wide.

This provides a consistent experience with a tool that grows and develops with you!  

How do I enable/disable feature sets for teachers?

Admins enable and disable feature sets for all users with the Features tab in the Domain tool. Each feature set is listed on its own card that describes the its function.

Note: Refresh your browser to apply feature set changes immediately.

To re-enable feature sets for specific users:

  1. Open the Users tool.
  2. Select the User ID you want to make changes to.
  1. Open the side menu and select Edit feature settings.
  1. Check the box(es) for the feature set(s) you want to re-enable. Notice that only the currently disabled feature sets are listed.
  2. Save.

How does disabling feature sets impact the Teacher experience?

When an admin disables a feature set, all related features and functions are removed from the Teacher app without disrupting the teacher experience.

For example, when an admin disables the switch on the Enable the Calendar tool for teachers, the Calendar tool completely disappears from the Main Menu.

Calendar tool disabled

When the Enable side panels in the Editor is disabled, the side panels that allow teachers to manage Objectives, Badges, item Properties, Resources, and the items in My Library from the Editor > Syllabus screen are hidden.

Editor side panels enabled
Editor side panels disabled

New features!

Introducing the Needs Grading tool for teachers

The Needs Grading screen lists all of the activities that need grading from all of your courses. You can access it from the Main Menu.

On this screen, you can:

  1. Use the Filter field to search activities.
  2. Filter the activities according to course.
  3. Select an activity from the list to grade it right on this screen with the Grade Editor. Notice that the activities are color-coordinated by course.


Users can now get SMS and email notifications about activity in Buzz!

To manage notifications:

  1. Open Settings from the User Menu.


  1. Check the boxes next to the notifications you want to get and the way(s) you want to get them (SMS or Email).
  2. Save.

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Gideon Seaman

Quick question: where did the "Links" tab go in the new UI? Was this removed? 

0 Comment actions Permalink
Ryan Richins
  • Agilix team member

Hi Gideon, 

This response addresses the Course Links editor and icon. If you're asking about a different feature, let us know. 

I hope this helps. Let us know if you should be seeing the icon in the new UI, but aren't. 


0 Comment actions Permalink
Gideon Seaman

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your quick response! Sorry for my lack of clarification. I am wondering where the domain "links" icon/option has gone in the new UI. Here is a screenshot of the old UI with it there... Thanks!


0 Comment actions Permalink
Mike Morone

We are interested in the new interface. Do you have a timeline for release? 

I wonder how students will do with it - is it very different? 

1 Comment actions Permalink
Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Gideon, Links/Bookmarks do not currently exist in the new UI. I just created this tip to help those meet the need until we provide something better.

Mike, if you are interested, you should reach out to your account manager. Your account manager will be able to invite you to begin using it before it is generally available.

1 Comment actions Permalink
Gideon Seaman

Thanks Brad! I appreciate it! We have some district-specific links that we like to share with our teachers and students. Cheers!

0 Comment actions Permalink
Rebeca Bautista

How do I know who my account manager is?

0 Comment actions Permalink
Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Rebeca, since your school acquired Buzz through FLVS, FLVS manages your account. I am unaware of who your account manager would be within FLVS.

0 Comment actions Permalink
John Swaney

How would you prefer we offer feedback / suggestions / questions on the new UI? Would you prefer a support ticket for each issue through our support portal, do we go through our account manager, or is there a feedback portal already setup?

0 Comment actions Permalink
Dawn Nordine

Looking forward to the new BUZZ UI! Please tell us if we can count on the same Admin Dashboard tool we are depending on in Brain Honey Admin. With a significant number of teachers in our statewide program, this tool has been an efficient and effective way for an administrator to review teacher responsiveness, pacing, and critical students in a each course. I'm hoping other administrators feel the same way. Administrators let Agilix know, please!

Thank you for considering this important ask for the new Buzz UI!

Dawn Nordine, WVS Executive Director

9 Comment actions Permalink
Pam Horneck

I agree Dawn! I'm still able to go back and see this in BrainHoney for now, but it is so vital to have this ability to check this in one place. My teachers also miss their ability to see their numbers to be graded once they are actually in the grading area, not their homepage. They missed when they lost their processed/remaining chart, and now the new Buzz has gone even a step further. We love some of the new changes, but we are missing the old tools that make us efficient as well.

6 Comment actions Permalink
Emily Nichols

Please give us these tools back in the new Buzz.  I use them everyday!

2 Comment actions Permalink
Scott Taylor

Thank you for the feedback on the tools that you use from BrainHoney. We will include this on discussions regarding continued improvements to the new UI.

1 Comment actions Permalink
Dawn Nordine

Awesome Scott! Thanks for listening! Well worth further conversation by your team. :-)


2 Comment actions Permalink
Dennis Killmer

I agree!

0 Comment actions Permalink
John Struchynski

We also agree with Dawn. A number of our instructors miss BrainHoney's Processed/Remaining indicator.  An updated expression of BrainHoney's "Summary" block (along with a refreshed version of the Processed/Remaining timeline KPI) would be most welcome in Buzz.

2 Comment actions Permalink
Jeremy Walker

In the admin view in the current Buzz, I can click on the Activities tool for a course and have that open in a new tab so that I can keep my admin window open, but have a teacher window open looking at the specific course I need to dig into.  I can also click on my avatar to switch to the teacher view and opt to open that in a new tab.  My initial observation is that next Buzz does all of that in the same tab with no option to open it up in a new tab.  If I'm incorrect, please let me know how to accomplish that.  If I am correct, please consider adding this as a feature.


0 Comment actions Permalink
Scott Taylor

Hello Jeremy,

The new UI is designed to be contained within a single browser tab/window. We'll take your suggestion into consideration during conversations for possible further updates to the UI.

0 Comment actions Permalink
Gideon Seaman

Good morning! It would be helpful in the new interface to have some sort of loading icon to signify that the page is loading, rather than just hanging (or if I didn't actually click the link that I thought I clicked and am waiting for no reason!). While it sometimes has a VERY thin gray bar at the top, it does not ALWAYS show this. I was a fan of the loading icon in the previous iteration. Thanks for the consideration.

0 Comment actions Permalink
Alimah Gooden

Good Morning. As a parent there used to be a parent observer where I could switch between my 2 children and see all their work, grades, etc. I no longer see this. It shows up as my profile and no way for me to switch to observer. So how does this work?

0 Comment actions Permalink
Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Alimah!

There should be an option to select the Observer app if you select your profile picture in the upper right hand of the page after logging into Buzz. If there is no such option, please reach out to your school to address this behavior. 

0 Comment actions Permalink
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