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A better Agilix Help Center (2017-05-08)

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member
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New name, look, and features. Same destination for everything Buzz.

On May 8, we will be launching an improved Agilix Help Center (formerly named Agilix Community). We’re excited to share a sneak peek of what you can expect when the Agilix Help Center becomes available to you.

Fresh new look


Completely redesigned from top-to-bottom, the Help Center follows design principles established in many other popular websites and mobile apps. Visual cues (colors, icons, shapes) quickly inform you of where you are, how you can engage, and what is important. Better yet, the mobile-first design guarantees the great experience from desktop to phone.

Search like a pro


Searching efficiently leads to better search results. Better search results lead to better answers.

The search in the Help Center is now always placed in the header of the page. No more changing positions depending upon what page you are on. Once you perform a search, filter by type, category, or topic to get the results you care about.


When in the Help Center, type a forward slash (/) to jump to the search bar to quickly perform a search.

Engage effortlessly

Participation (i.e., humans) make everything better and more meaningful. When the Agilix Help Center was first launched in the summer of 2015, the goal was to allow for any and every Buzz user to ask questions, provide feedback, and to learn from and help others. This update will make it even easier.

User profiles


Introducing user profiles! Users can now click on the name of any user that has made a post or comment in the Help Center to see what else and how much that user has contributed or asked. Love the user’s contributions? Follow the user to be notified whenever that person posts or comments again.

Once available, jump to the User menu and select My profile to review your own contributions and edit your profile.

Post wherever you are


Previously, to post a question or discussion post, you had to be in specific places in the Help Center to see the option. Now, regardless of where you are, you are just one-click away from creating a post. Simply hover over the floating button in the bottom right and select “New post.” If you are the support contact for your organization, you will see an additional “Submit a request” option.


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