Agilix Learning Suite Release Notes

Buzz Release Notes (2022-10-20; v3.0.310) - Easily edit interactive question images!

A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in version v3.0.309 available on October 20, 2022.

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Edit graphic question images right in Buzz!

Buzz allows teachers to create assessment questions that ask students to interact with an image. Now, you can use the Draw tool to make graphic changes right in Buzz.

This can come in handy when you want to add annotations, add shapes and arrows, cover text, crop the image and more!

For example, a teacher may want to ask students to put taxonomic levels in the right order using an image they'll recognize from the lesson. They can simply upload the image into a graphic hot spot question and click Edit image.

Use rectangles to cover each level name using the Draw tool.

And place hot spots over each rectangle, easily creating an interactive question that reinforces learning!

Exclude subdomains from inheriting Grade passback (beta)

The Grade passback configuration now allows you to select specific subdomains in which you don't want the feature enabled.

Learn more: [Beta] How do I set up Grade passback for my SIS sync (with OneRoster)?

Use Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) for Data streams (beta)

Buzz's new Data stream feature now supports Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) as a Stream type.

A Data stream is a process to transmit Buzz system events (formatted as JSON objects) that can be used for data analysis, statistical tracking, or synchronization with another system.

Use Buzz's Data streams to collect, analyze, process, and—ultimately—leverage data to:

  • Streamline processes.
  • Complete statistical research and compliance reporting.
  • Improve student experience and teacher effectiveness.

Learn more: [Beta] How do I set up and manage Data streams?


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